You may not have heard of it yet, but the PROCO model is a dynamic, unique offering by Dorkin Inc. that will take your data analysis to the next level! The formal name for this data model is proco-PDM or Proof of Concept Process Development Model. The PROCO model can identify emerging capabilities within your data by streamlining the data discovery process and delivering answers that will empower you to make informed business decisions. If you have questions about your data or suspect there are correlations that can help you find solutions to inefficiencies, the PROCO model is a quick and low cost way to find answers. Your data will be displayed in a user friendly application that gives you visibility into actionable insights that were found within the dataset. The PROCO model has so many practical, business applications and can be used for companies in just about any industry. In this blog, we will talk about 5 ways you can use the PROCO model to improve your business processes.

The PROCO model can help streamline your planning processes and facilitate the use of your data to make informed decisions. Many companies already have access to a vast amount of internal data but find it hard to convert into actionable insights because they can’t interpret it. The PROCO model can help you understand the patterns and correlations within your data that may lead to critical discoveries. A tragic example of how important relying on data can be, is the helicopter crash that killed Laker legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant, on January 26th, 2020. Disoriented by heavy fog in the area, the pilot of the aircraft requested permission to fly off the predetermined flight path in an attempt to avoid the large mountains native to the California terrain. Against better judgment, the pilot was granted this permission and eventually crashed into a hillside, causing the deaths of himself and the 8 others on board. Sadly, several aviation experts feel that the fates of those on the helicopter that day could’ve been different had the pilot remained on course. The predetermined course was charted utilizing data pulled from previous flights, accidents, mechanical failures, and other internal sources to ensure that it was statistically the safest path. Data can paint a detailed picture showing the patterns of mechanical failures that cause accidents and other factors to consider when charting a flight path. This same principle can be applied to data and decision making for businesses in any industry. The benefit of the PROCO model is that it can deliver insights on emerging trends found within your data fast and in a cost effective manner. As a business, you will be empowered to act quickly and only invest time and resources into reducing inefficiencies that you know have significant impacts on your products/services.

Healthcare is a dynamic industry that is always changing as we face new health challenges and work to overcome them. Data in the healthcare space is especially important because it tells the story of the patients and ultimately, how to treat them. In the era of COVID-19, medical data has become a part of our everyday lives. The national Centers for Disease Control (CDC) update dashboards daily with deaths, recoveries, hospitalizations, and several other factors related to the coronavirus. Without even taking into account how different states and countries vary widely in data reporting methods, the information is simply a lot to take in. The PROCO model is a tool that can quickly organize complex data like this into a user friendly dashboard that is easy to understand and clearly shows the patterns that need attention. For example, hospitals treating COVID would be specifically interested in trends such as the comorbidities contributing to COVID deaths, symptom progressions, methods of spread, and several others. Dorkin recommends using the PROCO model to quickly identify correlations that have significance, so that hospitals can use these patterns to guide the way they treat COVID patients and manage workflows ensuring staff are operating in an efficient and safe environment.

The PROCO model has significant implications for those business managers looking to monitor employee performance effectively. By managing workflows efficiently, you can get the most out of your employees, increasing productivity and quality. Internal data gathered from your employees can reveal unknown bottlenecks, errors, and inefficient workflows that are potentially causing you to lose money. With the PROCO model at your disposal, you will have convenient visibility into the possible causes of employee-related errors and inefficiencies. These insights can lead you towards investing further in solutions that can boost productivity. Leveraging this employee data can also strengthen your Electronic Performance Monitoring tools and give you full visibility into your team’s operations. Because the PROCO model is able to turnaround results so quickly, you don’t waste precious time investing in processes that are not going to directly address your employee needs. 

If you work for a non-profit organization or manage one, you have an understanding of the importance of data when it comes to gaining funding and convincing others to support your causes. Before non-profits can gain funding or be awarded grants, they have to use data to create a compelling story that demonstrates an issue within their community. You may be passionate about your cause, but to get others on board, they’ll need to see sound justification. Public data is available for most cities, and can show trends and patterns that will certainly justify your non-profit. Using publicly available data, you may find a worrying trend between homelessness and unemployment. You can leverage this emerging correlation in the data to support funding a non-profit to help the homeless find and keep jobs. The PROCO model can help you visualize this data and clearly define trends that you suspect exist. With validation from the PROCO model, you can support investments in solutions that are proven to make your community a better place.

One of the most exciting aspects of the PROCO model is that it can utilize data your company already owns to create new data models and dashboards that present the information effectively. When you have trouble understanding or mining your own data, you may think the solution lies in external data sources. However, finding quality external data is not only costly, but most likely unnecessary. Dorkin can help you find new, cost effective ways to interpret your in-house data, utilizing the PROCO model to answer any questions you may have about possible emerging trends and patterns. Get started using the PROCO model today! Contact Dorkin Inc. at [email protected] or 703-826-9022 for more info on how to harness the power of your existing data.